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FilmRabbits is the #1 top converting movies offer on ClickBank! Expect fantastic conversions in a proven evergreen niche where our product sells like candy!

FilmRabbits is a 100% legal, safe and exciting way for users to download and watch thousands of movies at home. We have over 5000 titles now for our members to download and watch straight to their computer or mobile.

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Please note: by creating your affiliate link and promoting FilmRabbits you are agreeing to our rules and guidelines. To ensure a long lasting success with us it's important to adhere to them.

Sales Flow

Right now you will be earning 50% of a maximum $59.95 per sale. Don't forget we also offer a fantastic bonus plan for any affiliate to make just 50 sales or more in 1 month. Check it out here.

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It's very simple to get started making money with our product! All you need to do is create a free Clickbank account at Then with your Clickbank username, use our link generator above.

Then just send traffic to your link and cash in on this great niche.

Bonus Plan

We are offering a somewhat crazy

permanent 75% commissions

for any affiliate who can deliver just 50 sales net (after refunds & chargebacks) in one month!

You won't find a bonus plan like this anywhere else on ClickBank, so for this reason alone you should start promoting FilmRabbits!

We do your bonus contract through ClickBank so each sale will automatically register as 75% commission rather than 50%.

If you qualify for our bonus plan, please e-mail the affiliate manager!

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Rules & Guidelines

Whilst FilmRabbits has thousands of full length movies, it's still important that you do not promote us as having a certain movie which we do not have.

We can supply qualified affiliates with access to our member's area to see what we do and don't have. But obviously, any copyrighted films that are currently in the cinemas etc then you can be sure we do not have them!
To ensure you keep your affiliate account in good standing with ClickBank then it's important to not promise the customer something that we cannot supply them. This nearly always results in a refund, so it's just not worth it!

We do not allow pornographic, hate, racist or other discriminatory traffic.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in immediate affiliate termination from our program without warning.

Thank you.

The FilmRabbits Affiliate Manager.

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